What Video And Images Tools I use

When you are constantly talking about games and online action, you need a lot of tools to help you accomplish your goals. At least on a blog.

You need tools to work with video and photos, and you also need places to store them and upload them. I thought it was a good idea to show you some of the things that I use on a daily basis to run this blog, and also to help with my visuals. As they are a huge part of any video gaming blog.

The Video And Images Tools
These are the online and offline tools that I make use of to get the best results for my blog posts, videos and images.

A very expensive tool to have in your arsenal, but if you want to really work on personal or pro photos, it’s a must have. You can anyhing you like, even completely change the image. But you have to know how.

And if you have no clue, then you can either watch some tutorials on Youtube, or use the following tool.

PicMonkey makes people’s lives a little easier buy providing the most used parts of a tool like Photoshop and putting them in an easy to use tool online. If all you need is resizing, cropping and some contrast change (or even text) then this is your guy!

Because I have a Mac, I am at a bit of an advantage to PC owners. Macs come with cool tools. And in most cases, for standard, not so crazy effects style videos, iMovie is enough. But if you have a PC, you might want to consider using Adobe Premiere. It is a little more complex, but will more than cover what you need for making a simple or crazy complex movie

Social Media
I don’t use too many social media tools because it is all available on the sites themselves. like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. But because I often work with a lot of images and videos, I like to have a central place to store all my media for my social media channels and posts. That is where Mav Social comes in handy. This tool has loads of great features all the posting to Youtube, and other video channels as well as social media available from one dashboard. But not only that, the have analytics, image tools and free storage in the cloud for my images and videos! Sweet.

Online Storage
There are so many options when it comes to uploading your images and video, and as I said above, I don’t need all that much space because I put a lot of Mav Social. But I also make use of the following storage sites.

Just making use of the free storage and interaction within the Google sites is great. You can send stuff from within Google Drive, or download attachments straight into it. It is generally very useful. And upgrades in size are not that expensive if you need them. I pay about 4 bucks a month at the moment.

Also has a cool amount of space for free. And I don’t pay anything at the moment. I mainly upload my backups for sites like this one on WordPress via WPBackUp To Dropbox. So it is a great place to store backups off the server in case you lose everything.

More of a general storage site for notes, website and ideas. I use Evernote on my desktop and on my phone to keep track of everything that I am doing, or should be doing. It is a great organization and storage tool, especially since you can save web pages there, even if they one day disappear!

So that is my list of most common tools that I use on a daily basis to get things done for website, blogs and video gaming captures etc.

If you have some tools to add to this list, I am more than happy to hear your ideas. I don’t know it all, and always love to learn about new tools I could or should be using

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