Wasteland 2 – A Long Time in the Making

Here are the quick stats on Wasteland 2, before I get started on the rest of what I have to say

Game Title: Wasteland 2

Release Date: September 19th

Produced By: inXile Entertainment

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

History of the Game
Wasteland goes way back to the 80s. In fact it was released back in 1988 on some of the platforms around at that time, Commodore 64, Mac II and PC DOS. Man, that was a long time ago.

And back then the graphics were simple and the game was a role-playing game at heart with little action to be had.

But it was extremely popular and got some rave reviews, that is for sure.

It was also ported to other platforms in 1993, such as the PC where it continued it success.
A Long Time in the Making
But unfortunately the makers of the game could not find a home for the next version of the game for over 20 years. until crowdfunding was invented!

Now that is a story in itself.

Enter Wasteland 2 on Kickstarter
So the creators of this game could not find a new home, so they went to the fans via Kickstarter and asked for the cash, and boy did they get it.

They originally asked for 900G and ended up getting nearly 3 million. And with the recent late release, perhaps that amount has been spent? But the game has come out to great reviews.

And there is also a lot of competition for money on these platforms, and a lot of other games also got a few million in 2012.

But it si great to see what is possible outside the normal channels, which is great for the players who do not have to wait for a studio to approve a game first.

What is Wasteland 2?
Wasteland 2, following on the heels of the original is a roleplaying turn based game set in post apocalyptic Earth. It’s certainly a popular theme too.

The game has received some great reviews from the likes of Gamespot, who say that it is

an intricate and triumphant return of the roleplaying classic.

It has a mixture of tile based fight scenes, moral choices, connected scenes to form the world you move in and some other interesting secrets.

If you like this kind of game, where chance plays a big role but you are faced with moral decisions along the way, then perhaps Wasteland will be a great game for you.

Game Trailer
here is a quick trailer of a team setup on Wasteland 2 to give you an idea of what it looks like, how it works and the capabilities that the player and characters have.

It is quite and impression scene that they set, I can certainly say that much.

Final Words
I have not spent enough time on Wasteland 2 yet to really make a decision on whether I like it personally, but the critics are giving it about 4 stars and for such competition like Fallout 3, that must mean something.

So if you are a role-playing fan, get out there and buy Wasteland 2 today, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Let me know what you thin once you have it. YOur comments are welcome below.

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