iPad Games You Might Like

With the release of the iPad in 2010 came the first iPad games, of course.

And the flood has not stopped since them , brining many a non-gamer into our world.

So what kinds of games have lured the normally video game haters into the video game world we live in.
iPad Games You Might Like
80 Days
This game is a very well designed one, that is extremely artistic. It merges this with a fantastic Choose Your Own Adventure style story (remember those?). It might take a wihle to play, but is a very interesting game indeed.

An well loved, and award winning game on many other platforms like PC, XBox and even Chrome, Bastion is a very minimaistic game when it comes to the controls you need. It has an amazing soundtrack and some very intense narration that make this a very immersive experience.

Another game from the makers of Machinarium (which I mention below), Botanicula has also been seen around the world already as a PC game. It’s a very simple to play point-and-click adventure, featuring puzzles and strange plant characters. Not for everyone, but certainly unique!

A fantastic tile based strategy game, Carcassone is very well made for the iPhone and iPad alike. It has both online (multiplayer) and offline (single player) modes and also allows you to take part in weekly challenges online. If you like the game board style of game, then this one might be a must for you.

FTL: Faster Than Light
Yet another game that was originally a hit on the PC, FTL has finally made it’s debut on the iPad scene. It has certainly been ported with all of the great gameplay and graphics that were seen on the PC. But whether that impresses PC players is another question. If you don’t know anything about it, FTL allows you to manage a ship in various missions, all of which are completely randomly generated. It’s a very addictive game, but not because of the action. It is strategy based, and slow moving, but for many that is idea.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Dating back to 2004, the GTA franchise is a very successful one and not a surprise to see it move onto the Apple marketplace. It is very hard to imagine this game being as good on the iPad, but somehow they have managed to make it a work on the smaller screen. It has been brought over with great graphics and sound, just like the original, although the controls van get a little difficult on the iPad. But as you might know, new controlers are on the way for later versions of iOS, which will certainly help.

Infinity Blade III
Infinity Blade’s formula is pretty much the same as it every was, with knocking the bad guy to the ground one of the main goals. The newer version, which we are seeing here on the iPad has loads of new content, including amazing graphics upgrade, and additions to the original story. It will certainly impress your friends.

Another game in the point and click genre, this one uses amazingly created hand drawn graphics that must have taken hours to create. You are basically taken on a journey through a well created universe, including puzzles and clues and things to solve. It is a fun game to play and works really well on the iPad I can tell you.

Monument Valley

If you are a fan of the drawings of M.C. Escher, then this game will appeal to you. Full of enticing puzzles, Monument Valley is a very addictive game that is full of surprises, right until the very end. And with more levels on the way, you might want to grab this one for sure

One of the best games around, Olo is a great game for more than one player, which the kids are going to love. It is all about knocking the other players out and comes in a variety of modes for hours of fun for the whole family

That’s a Take
I hope you found some great games you might want to add to you iPad, probably all for under 10 bucks. With hours of fun to be had, and perhaps a long journey to do, you can’t go wrong.

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